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      Hello Friends! Are you ready to make some adorable farmhouse door Christmas ornaments? This post will tell you everything you need to know to make these for your tree! 

      The things you need for this project are:

    • Window with box Ornament Kit
    • Hot glue gun
    • Or (if you have a laser cutter)

    • Window with Box Laser SVG
    • Baltic Birch (1/8")
    • Acrylic (I used Frosted)
    • Moss
    • Small Pine Cone and Berry  Picks
    • Greenery Trim
    • String or Ribbon
    • Paint
    • Paint Dauber
    • Adhesive Tape
    • Hot Glue Gun
    • 1. First, you will gather your supplies. (If you have a Laser cutter, cut out the design).

      Tips for cutting on the Glowforge: 

      • I use settings 200/Full for baltic Birch.
      • I use adhesive tape on the back of the paned window, the 4 u shapes, the front rectangle and the back piece (one without loop for hanging). I put this on prior to cutting out the design.

      2. Grab your dauber and paint the top piece (window panes), the small rectangle piece, and the top of the loop.

      3. Next, you will layer the u shaped pieces, sticking together with the adhesive tape. Continue to layer all 4 pieces. 

      Tips: on this step only peel the adhesive backing paper from one at a time.

      4. Next, layer the middle piece on the back of the paned piece by peeling the adhesive backing off of the paned window and sticking it to the middle piece. At this time also stick in the acrylic.

      Note: The middle piece is the one with the loop for hanging. 

      5. Next, peel the adhesive backing off the back piece and stick it to the back of the middle piece. Sandwiching the acrylic.

      6. Flip the window over, peel off the adhesive backing paper of the stacked u shape and stick it to the front bottom of the window. Next, place the rectangle on the top of the u shaped piece.

      7. Now it is time for the wreath. Wrap the decorative trim around itself creating a wreath for the window. For me it was wrapped around (as two layers), this allow it to be a bit more full.

      The create a little bow with your string/ribbon. Cutting off the extra hanging string.

      8. Next grab hot glue gun. Put two dots on the panes and stick the wreath in place.

      9. Now it is time to fill the box. I added some pine cone floral picks to one side, added hot glue inside, and placed some moss on top of the glue.

      Then finish it off with a string for hanging. 

      You made it, now show that ornament proudly on your Christmas tree!  

      Tag me on IG with your creation @kitaleigh.made and/or use the hashtag #makeitwithKitaleigh! I just cannot wait to see what you create!

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