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      Designing for the Maker in you!

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      Meet Nikita 

      “Everyone has a creative side and I hope I can help you find yours”

      Hi I’m Nikita!I am the designer and owner of Kitaleigh LLC.

      I grew up the youngest of 3 children to a single mom. When I was in college my mom added 2 more kiddos to the family through adoption. Creativity was always encouraged at home. Our house was never without music playing or some sort of project going on- whether it be painting our rooms or building something from scratch! The same holds true today, our house is full of creativity and projects!

      I went to Texas State University for design and graduated with a BS in Interior Design with a minor in Technology. I believe that there isn't a craft that I wouldn't try at least once. However, It's getting hard to find something I haven't tried yet! If you need design help or want to try your hand at lettering please reach out to me!

      Meet the Family

      Hello! We are the Grimes family! We are a family of 4 living the American Dream out of Houston Texas.

      Justin and I married in 2010 and welcomed our first son Jude in 2012. Followed by Harrison in 2016. 

      We enjoy camping, exploring new things, and trying new crafts.

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      Kitaleigh's Mission

      Here at Kitaleigh we strive to make all your visions a reality! We do a bit of everything, fonts, svgs, blanks, laser designs, woodworking and more!

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      Perfect for the Crafter

      Each design and font is handcrafted with the crafter/maker in mind. All my fonts and designs are perfect for cutting or printing!

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      High Quality SVGs

      Each design comes with an SVG which can be scaled without loosing quality.*

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      Smooth Fonts

      My fonts cut-friendly. Ideal for cutting in your Silhouette or Cricut Machine.  

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      *Some SVGs you will not want to size as then the measurements will not be correct. (ex, rulers and laser cut designs with slots). 

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