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      kitaleigh finds!

      I have compiled a list of my favorite finds around the internet. The links included on this page are affiliate links that I earn commission from qualifying purchases.

      *Note these links will take you to other platforms and away from

      All my finds in one place

      I decided what better thing then to combine all my favorite finds in one place! 

      No additional cost 

      These links contain affiliate links. Don't worry though this will not make the product cost anymore for you!

      Save Money

      Some of these links may save you money. For example when using the Glowforge referral link.


      Amazon Collections

      Vinyl Cutting
      Must Haves


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      Painting Supplies


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      Check out the rest of my Amazon Finds here. Note I will receive a commission on qualifying purchases.

      the lasers I own!

      I have both the Glowforge Pro and the basic. Both are really great machines! Save $500 with the link below on a Pro!

      Save up to $500

      on a Glowforge!

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      great places for


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      Check out our latest blog posts that show how we use the products listed above!

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      G, what a fun letter to create!

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      10 Halloween Fonts

      The spooky fonts are perfect for getting into the Halloween spirit.

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      DIY Tobacco Basket Magnolia Wreath DIY 

      Grab the supplies you need and make this DIY tobacco basket wreath ornament for your Christmas tree.

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      DIY Embroidery Hoop Gnome Ornaments

      Grab the kit and make your own Christmas Embroidery Hoop Gnome Ornament!

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      Shop kitaleigh!

      All these Kitaleigh finds around the internet go great with Kitaleigh designs and fonts!

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