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      Hello Friends! Are you ready to make some adorable Emboridery Hoop Gnome Ornament? This post will tell you everything you need to know to make these for your tree! 

      The things you need for this project are:

      1. First, you will want to dot some hot glue on the inside of the Embroidery Hoop.  In two places between 1-2" apart (centered). Then, place 2 of the greenery pieces.

      2.  Next place hot glue in the center bottom of the embroidery Hoop. Place two pieces so they are touching each other at the ends.

      3.  Next, repeat step 2 on the bottom of the embroidery hoop.

      4. To cover up the globs of hot glue, take the twine and tie it off on one side.

      5. Then, start wrapping the twine around the bottom of the hoop securing the glue/greenery. I finished it off my a tiny bit of hot glue on the inside of the hoop. Don't worry this will be covered by the gnome.

      6.  Next, you will be making the gnome that will sit inside of the embroidery hoop. Place some hot glue on the felt ball and stick the beard on it.

      7. Next, use a bit of glue and add the nose to the beard.

      8.  Take a line of glue and run it along the top of the beard and place the hat to cove the top of the beard and a bit of the nose.

      9. Next, add the gnome to the embroidery hoop. Again, I used hot glue :) .

      10.  (Optional). I wasn't a huge fan of the greens going in whatever direction they wanted so I added a tiny bit of hot glue and stuck the greens where I wanted them.

      11.  Add a string to finish it off! I think it would be super cute to add a ribbon to the top of this ornament with a person's name or a last name. 

      You made it, now show that ornament proudly on your Christmas tree!  

      Tag me on IG or Tiktok with your creation @kitaleigh.made and/or use the hashtag #makeitwithKitaleigh! I just cannot wait to see what you create!


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