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      Earring Sizing Guide

      by Nikita Grimes

      With making faux leather earrings being all the rage lately, I thought I would put together a little guide to help determine the size of earring you should cut.

      For a common stud, I do about 1/2 an inch. This is the perfect size stud to add a post to and won't look super huge on the ear.

      I look at an 1" dangle being a little more classic, perfect for a wedding or gala!

      A 2" dangle will reach the jaw line or up or down a tad (really depends on the hardware and person's ear/head size).

      3" and 4" really make a statement and are great for those added design styles within (like patterns)!

      Remember this is only a guide and each person and earring may be a bit different. This guide is great for the laser cutter, silhouette, and cricut projects!

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