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      How to Make Sports Ball Keychains

      by Nikita Grimes

      Don't have time to read this now, pin it for later!​

      This blog post includes affiliate links. What does this mean? It means you will pay no more but I will get a small percentage for the referral. 

      The things you will need for this project are:

      • FREE Cut files! You can download them here!
      • Vinyl (651), any color of your choosing. (I used red, white and Black)
      • Keychain Acrylic Blanks. You can find them here.
      • Key Chain Hardware. Affiliate links Below.
      • Small Utility Knife.

      Once you have all you materials together you will want to upload the sports ball(s), of your choice, into your cutting software. Whether it be silhouette studio, Cricut design space, or some other program. You will want to size the outer part of the circle right below 2". Mine were right at about 1.8". Next, you will want to cut, weed, and apply transfer tape.

      ​Then, you will want to transfer the vinyl to your rounds. Once carefully transferred, I used a small utility knife to cut the vinyl where the hole is.

      And last but not least you will want to attach the keychain hardware! Now wasn't that just easy peasy!

      To add a bit more to your keychain, add a name, number, monogram, or more!

      Take a look at the video below to watch this at rabbit speed! If you are feeling extra adventurous, like the video and subscribe to my channel!

      Thank you so much for creating with me! Head on over to Instagram and tag me in your final products @kitaleigh.made!

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